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I've had the Grand Prix for about 4 years--as of October 2004. I got it from a friend who owned the car for over 20 years. He bought it from another friend who got it from the original owner, meaning I'm the fourth owner.

The friend I got the car from didn't drive it much but spent a lot of time working on it. In over 20 years of ownership he put about 5,000 miles on it! When I got the car, it had just under 120,000 miles on it and it now has about 137,000.

I recently (summer of 2003) removed the original 370 horsepower 428 and installed a new one--bored and stroked to 468 cubic inches. Here is some info about my car:

Colour: Ferrari Red
Model: J
Engine Displacement: 7.7 litres (468 cid:1969 428 cid XF block bored "65" over with a 4.25" stroker crank)
Carburetor: 950 CFM Holley HP double pumper with 1/2" baseplate, mechanical secondaries
Intake: Polished Edelbrock Torker II port matched to heads
Heads: 72cc Edelbrock aluminum ported to flow 300 CFM @ .500 lift & 28" by SD Performance, 2.19" intake & 1.77" exhaust valves, Harland Sharp 1.5:1 roller rockers. Heads were provided "complete" & ready to install by SD Performance.
Pistons: Ross custom forged 20 cc dished pistons weighing approx. 455 grams ea. plus lightweight pins; approx 10.25:1 compression
Crankshaft: Eagle cast crank with 4.25" stroke, 3.25" main journals & BBC rod journals, cut "10-10"
Bearings: Clevite 77 mains & Federal Mogul rod bearings
Rods: Eagle "H" beam 6.8" BBC with ARP 2000 bolts
Oil System: Melling high volume pump, Canton road race pan with windage tray & crank scrapper with relocated dual oil filters.
Cam: Comp Cams "solid" flat tappet custom grind to SD Performance specs
Timing Set: Double roller with billet gears
Flexplate: CAT SFI approved
Harmonic Balancer: Powerbond SFI approved street damper
Starter: IMI mini-starter
Cooling: Rodney Red 2 row aluminum rad with built-in transmission cooler & shroud with 2 Permacool 1,620 CFM electric fans (ea.), a Milodon high volume waterpump, & high flow 160 degree thermostat.
Exhaust: Hooker "Super Competition" with 2" primaries into 3 & 1/2" collectors; 3 & 1/2" exhaust to the tailpipes. Lejeune Race Cars shortened the headers for more ground clearance and installed an "X" type crossover. The tailpipes are Torque Tech. Mufflers are Flowmaster 50 "Big Block" mufflers with 3 & 1/2" inlets and outlets. Initial installation from headers back by Roy at Island Muffler, who did a great job. Click here to listen to a clip of the car idling & reving just a little.
Ignition: GM HEI with MSD coil & 8.5mm wires
Fuel Pump: 2 high volume electric (Holley; one for normal driving & one for nitrous system)
Fuel Enhancements: 200 h.p. Nitrous Oxide System
Transmission: Turbo 400 with HD belts & clutches, "dash two" shift kit & TCS 2800 RPM stall convt & B&M "Megashifter"
Differential: Stock 12 bolt "posi" with 3.08 gears & TA Performance "Girdle"
Front Suspension: Stock, with custom coil springs to lower the front end 2 inches, plus Monroe "Sensa-Trac" shocks
Rear Suspension: Billet adjustable upper trailing arms & solid billet lower trailing arms with Monroe adjustable "E" shocks set to "firm"
Wheels: Corvette Rallye 8" x 15" all 'round
Tires (front): No-name 235/60R15
Tires (rear): Goodyear Eagle NT 275/60R15
Other Mods: Engine has been balanced, battery in trunk, kill switch, fuel switches, nitrous switch, and nitrous button between seats. March serpentine system has replaced stock pulleys and belts.
Upcoming Upgrades:
  • MSD "Soft Touch" rev limiter
  • Electrical relays to radiator fans
  • Electrical relays to headlights
  • Remote solenoid
  • Engine kill switch at the bumper
  • BF Goodrich Drag Radials for rear (295/65R15)
  • BF Goodrich radial TAs for front (235/60R15)
  • "Firewall" between the trunk and back seat
  • Driveshaft safety loop

Dave Bisschop at SD Performance gave advice on engine parts & assembly, as well as providing many of the parts. Dave is one of the premier Pontiac engine & head builders anywhere. If you've got a Pontiac engine project or need head work of almost any type (e.g. Ford, Mopar, Chev, Import), Dave will provide you with world class work at a very competitive price. Ask anyone who knows anything about Pontiacs and they'll tell you Dave is one of the best, as well as being one of the best "stand up" guys in the performance business.

All machine work--align boring, cylinder boring, rod sizing, et cetera by Dean at Cords Engine Specialists.


Neither the engine or the car has seen a dyno. The car may get run on a chassis dyno some time in the future but it's unlikely the engine will get dynoed--after all it's in the car.

That being said, according to Desktop Dyno 2003, the engine makes around 511 horsepower at 5,500 RPM and 524 foot-pounds of torque at 4,500 RPM. But at only 2,000 RPM it's supposedly making 418 foot pounds of torque!

Performance: Information coming as soon as the new engine is broken in and run at either Western Speedway (Vancouver Island) or Mission Raceway.

Factory Specs

Original Colour: Castilian Bronze
Engine: 428 cid, 370 horsepower
Dry Weight: Info coming
Curb Weight: Info coming
Overall Length: 210.2 inches
Overall Width: 75.7 inches
Unloaded Height: 52.3 inches
Wheelbase: 118 inches
Tread Front: 62 inches
Tread Rear: 60 inches
Overhang Front: 41 inches
Overhang Rear: 51.2 inches
Fuel Capacity: 18 Imperial Gallons
Cooling System Capacity: 14.5 Imperial Quarts
Crankcase Capacity: 5 Imperial Quarts (incl. oil filter)
Transmission Capacity: 15.75 Imperial Pints (complete overhall)
Differential Capacity: 2.5 Imperial Pints (original 10 bolt)
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