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Here are some shots of my car and new engine:

Com'n at'cha! Here's a classic Pontiac split grille, complete with a huge chrome bumper at the end of the longest production hood of any modern car.
Here's a shot taken from the roof of a building. Camaros, Mustangs, Chevelle's and others have an agressive look but I think the Grand Prix has one of the most aggressive-looking front ends ever.
Here's another shot of the Grand Prix's front end.
And here's another view.
Here's a view of the back of the car. Note the door handles. People sometimes ask if they're custom but, no, they're stock. Perhaps they're a John Delorean touch, as he had a hand in the design & production of the car.
Here's another view of the back--before the new 3 & 1/2" system went in.
Here's a view of the back of the car from close to the ground. In addition to the 3.5" exhaust, you can see the differential "girdle" by TA Performance and you can see--though barely--the billet lower trailing arms by Performance Suspension. Click here to listen to the car idling in gear, in park, and revving just a little.
Here's a view of the new 468 just before it went into the car in the summer of 2003. Note the polished aluminum intake. It's an Edelbrock Torker II. I spent nearly 40 hours polishing. A whole week to polish an intake--not sure if I'm ever going to do that again.
Here's a slightly different view. That hose hanging from the rear of the block is one of the two used to connect the block to a remote oil filter adapter bolted to the firewall, just beneath the heater core.
Here's a view of the back of the 468 with the waiting Grand Prix in the background.
Here's a view of the 468 during assembly showing the Edelbrock heads, roller rockers, chrome moly pushrods, and double roller timing chain & gears. Note the stock 428 crankshaft on the floor. It was sold the summer of 2003 to a fellow in New Hampshire.
Here's a view of the engine compartment. The "Ram Air Box," serpentine belt system, and Rodney Red aluminum rad are new installations.
Here's another view of the engine compartment. Take a look at all that room between the pulleys and rad. There's enough room that I can stand in the gap between the rad and pulleys and work on stuff!
This is a closeup of the March serpentine belt system. The installation was pretty much bolt-in, except for a couple of bonehead mistakes on my part. The quality of the parts is great.
Here's a shot of the Rodney Red radiator with built-in electric fans and tranny cooler. Like the March serpentine system, it was bolt-in. Now that it's in, I haven't seen temperatures go above 160 degrees--even in stop and start traffic. Stop and start traffic used to send temperatures above 210 degrees.
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